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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Return to China -- Part 12, The Tang Dynasty Show

After dinner we were treated to the "Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing Show" which supposedly replicated forms of entertainment popular during the Seventh and Eighth Centuries AD. Be that as it may, the show is certainly spectacular and a lot of fun.

 The show started quietly enough with a single girl playing a zheng (it sounds a lot like a harp), but soon it began to resemble a Las Vegas review.

There were plenty of dancing girls,

And dancing guys, too.

A variety of dance forms were on display. This one seems to have been inspired by Indian dance.

And the guys showed that they could do more than march around the stage.

Lovely and peaceful...

Comic relief.

The return of the zhang...

And a featured solo artist... It was amazing to see what she could do with those sleeves.

A striking tableau. They held this pose for several minutes and their smiles never wavered.

A dancer's hairpiece up close.

The whole cast takes a bow. It was fun, and coming after that wonderful dumpling dinner, made for an excellent evening.

Then it was back to the bus which took us to our hotel where we rested up for the next day's trip to see the terracotta warriors [and of course, yet more shopping opportunities].

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