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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ouch! The Anchoress Takes Down Al Gore

Don't ever get Elizabeth Scalia mad at you -- she hits where it hurts.

[C]an we just say this, now, about Al Gore, so that it’s out there? 

All of his post-election “success” — all of it; the praise, the accolades, the faux-adulation — was simply an expression of public spite against George W. Bush, and nothing more. Just as Jimmy Carter was (in the words of the Nobel Prize committee’s own rep) given his “Peace”prize as “a kick in the leg at Bush”, Gore only succeeded, post-Clinton, because of Bush-hatred.  The left lifted Gore up on the hot air of their angry resentments against Bush, and the unquestioning obeisance to his every crazed muttering was a crafted consolation prize that only remained airborne as long as the heat of Bush-hate could be accessed, it’s chain pulled. Absent that heat, there was only the hard earth below.

Gore’s Nobel Prize, his Oscar, his “regard” were all born of a desire to “kick at” Bush. Once Bush was gone, Gore was, too– all his lofty illusions have been grounded, and no one is interested in reinflating any of them.

Imagine being such a mediocrity that your greatest “successes” are not even about you, but about needling someone else. Recognizing that has to hurt.
Indeed it does.

Read her comment here.

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