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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dubya as Robin Hood -- In the NYT!!!

It is finally beginning to dawn on some liberals that the much despised Dubya has done more to further traditional liberal goals than have Democrats. The latest to make that discovery is John Tierney, who writes in the NYT:

Democrats like to portray Mr. Bush as King George or Marie Antoinette. But on Thursday night, when he promised to improve benefits for the poor while limiting them for everyone else, he sounded more like Robin Hood, especially when he rhapsodized about poor people getting a chance to build up assets that they could pass along to their children.

It was the kind of talk you might expect to hear from a Democrat, except that Democrats don't talk about much these days except the glories of the New Deal. They know that Social Security doesn't even have the money to sustain a program that leaves millions of elderly people in poverty. But it's their system, and they're sticking to it.

Read the whole thing here:

Of course, the converse is also true. A significant number of conservatives, especially the Reagan remnant, are beginning to realize that Bush is not really one of them. Bush cannot comfortably be contained within any of the categories we customarily use to describe the contours of American politics, yet he shows a strong affinity with many of them. He has burst the bounds of conventional political discourse and is charting new paths and is dragging the rest of us along with him. He is redefining the content of our political culture. That is what makes him, perhaps even more than Reagan, one of our great transformational presidents.


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