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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Something is seriously wrong with the Berlin art scene

What is it about Berlin's art community? First Vanessa Beecroft fills a gallery with naked women provoking a near riot [here], now this:
BERLIN (Reuters) - A Berlin couple plan to have their first baby at an art gallery, the gallery owner said on Saturday, confirming a newspaper report.

"It's a gift to humanity, a once in a lifetime thing," Bild newspaper quoted Winfried Witt, partner of mother-to-be Ramune Gele, as saying.

Johann Novak, manager of the DNA-Galerie in central Berlin, said the artistic couple wanted to challenge conventional norms.

"It's a bit of test to see if society can cope," he said in a telephone interview.

Another gallery owner in the street said: "I find it mad."

So do I.

Read about it here.


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