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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More on Beecroft's Naked Women

I earlier noted that Italian or American [she seems uncertain] artist Vanessa Beecroft staged what she called an artistic display representing, or so she said, "a post-feminist critique of the obsession with beauty." Basically, she got 100 women to stand naked in a glass box in Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie while spectators ogled them. Here's my post with a picture.

I thought it was just plain porn, and said so here, and the viewing audience seemed to agree -- there was a near riot as spectators tried to get close to the naked models.

Still there are learned idiots in the "intellectual" community who will deny the obvious. "Renowned philosopher," Giorgio Agamben, writing in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung argued that the women in the exhibit are "not naked at all." He writes:

according to the axiom based on the Christian theology of clothing, human nakedness, if at all, is only possible in a provisional, negative manner. For one thing, this is true because in Eden the creatural body is immediately covered by divine grace, and for another because this body is clothed after the fall in a gown whose necessity is the basis for the christening; and finally, because in Paradise, the blessed will receive a new robe of glory which cannot be cast off.
Yeah, right... tell me another one. Where do they get these guys?

Read Agamben's comments here.

The always reliably smutty der Spiegel has pictures here.


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