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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Focusing on Iran

There are some suggestive pieces running in the international press the past few days.

The Scotsman reports:

A TEAM of military specialists has been dispatched to Iraq to compile a comprehensive dossier of evidence that "Iranian elements" have been arming insurgents engaged in a brutal struggle with British forces around Basra.

The Foreign Office last night confirmed that experts were engaged in an intensive operation to back up growing concerns that Iran is "interfering" to deadly effect in efforts to pacify Iraq and restore democracy to the war-torn country.

The insistence that Britain is determined to prove Iran is providing sophisticated equipment to perpetrators of attacks that have claimed the lives of at least eight British soldiers in the past five months is a significant development in the escalating war of words between London and Tehran.

Read it here.

AFP reports:

The United States has briefed key nations on intelligence that it says shows Iranian atomic weapons work, namely research on getting a missile warhead to explode at an altitude that would maximize the blast of a nuclear explosion, diplomats and analysts told AFP.

Read it here.

And then there's Con Coughlin, in the Telegraph, noting that British diplomats are beginning to speak the truth about Iranian meddling in Iraq and demanding that Britain take action against Iran. Read it here.

Now I'm not saying that there is an Anglo-American military action against Iran in the offing, but it sure looks as though both nations are laying the diplomatic groundwork for something.

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