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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Iraq Update -- Reactions from on the ground

Regarding the recent accord between Shiite, Kurdish, and Sunni political leaders that seems to clear the way for acceptance of the new constitution:

Mohammed at Iraq the Model writes:
What happened today is a historic event that will isolate the enemies of Iraq and freedom and will pave the way for a clear future for Iraq after important Sunni groups decided to actively join the political process in Iraq.

There’s a visible feeling of relief on the streets and I think the constitution is on the way to be ratified…the process has come out of the emergency room and recovery will follow.
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Ibn Alrafidain writes:
As I'm writing this post the Iraqi political parties, participants in the political process, have reached a compromise to comply with the Sunnis demands to review the constitution within four months after the elections of 15 December 2005.

Most of the Iraqis know very little about the details of the new constitution. So, they are going to vote according to what the clerics & the tribes' leaders would say.

For me, I'll say (YES) for the constitution since it represents a milestone in the long journey to achieve better life to the coming Iraqi generations.

God bless Iraq.
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Hammorabi writes:
This is a very good achievement indeed and a big blow on the face of the terrorism. It came by the time the blood shed continued in Iraq daily. The latest is the killing of more than 30 Iraqis in a centre for army recruitment in Telafar today by a suicidal thug.

The big blow on the face of terrorism will be on Saturday 15 Oct 2005.
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Stay tuned....

A Citizen of Mosul reports:
Two days left before the vote for the constitution, but till now no body in Mosul have seen a copy of it which supposed to be distributed to the population before the referendum.
In addition till now we and our neighbors don't know yet the place where to vote which is necessory to be known in advance since there is a curfew for all vehicles started from wednesday Oct 12 at 10 pm till monday Oct 17 at 5 am. That mean no body can use a car for trnsportation from place to place inside the city, the schools, the University and all the governmental offices are closed for 4 days.
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