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Friday, October 14, 2005

Iraq Update -- Baathist Insurgents Change Tactics

AKI reports:

Baghdad, 14 Oct. (AKI) - The armed pro-Baathist groups have modified their voting strategy for Saturday's referendum after the largest Sunni Arab political grouping - the Iraqi Islamic Party - asked the population to approve the constitution. The pro-Baathist groups involved in the insurgency - like the Islamic Army in Iraq and the smaller Mujahadeen Army and 1920s Brigades - are now calling for a boycott of the elections and have condemned the Islamic Islamic Party's decision to back the constitution. Before the Sunni formation asked the population to back the constitution draft, the armed Baathist groups were calling for a "no" vote, in contrast with al-Qaeda's indications.

"The Islamic party has announced its backing for the draft constitution, allowing the Americans to falsify the Sunni vote," denounces a statement posted on an Internet forum. The internet statement also urged Mujahadeen to continue the Jihad - the holy war - against the occupation forces.

On Thursday another terrorist formation - "The Winning Side" - criticised the Sunni party's decision, announcing it will kill the party leaders.
Read it here.

Apparently they mean business.

AP reports:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Sunni insurgents determined to derail this weekend's constitutional referendum attacked the largest Sunni Arab political party Friday, bombing and burning offices and the home of one of its leaders after the group dropped its opposition to the draft charter.

Read it here.

This is really encouraging news. The Sunni opposition is fragmenting and eating its own. This comes on top of evidence of dissension within the Radical Islamist ranks. Things are beginning to look up in Iraq -- but where are the headlines in the US press hilighting these developments? The MSM seems to have come to a consensus that Iraq is just a mess and the best we can do there is to get out.

Captain Ed comments on the bombing here.

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