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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Iraq Vote -- The Runup

In yet another effort to sabotage the constitutional referendum, insurgents cut off power and water to much of Baghdad, plunging the city into darkness. CTV has the story here.

Insurgents sabotaged power lines in Baghdad Friday, plunging the city into darkness and cutting off water supplies on the eve of the country's key vote on a new constitution.

Mahmoud al-Saaedi, an Electricity Ministry spokesman, said power lines were sabotaged between the northern towns of Kirkuk and Beiji leading to the Baghdad region.

Read it here.

So far the insurgents have been unable to do much more than harassmrnt, but they're trying..., they're trying...

Stay tuned....

[Reuters photo]

The LA Times notes that opinion in Nineveh province [majority Sunni, but with a mix of other elements] seems to be shifting in favor of the constitution.

Read it here.

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