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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Dirtiest Campaigns Ever

Don Surber writes the ultimate 2006 election story.

He writes:
While at the Playboy Mansion to meet with campaign contributors from the porn industry, your congressman wrote a sexually explicit novel about flirting with a teenage page of the same sex but another race, whom he affectionately called Macaca in text messages that were published at an anti-pedophile Web site set up by a young worker at a gay rights group, which immediately fired him, even as Nancy Pelosi complained about the Culture of Corruption, much to the embarrassment of Harry Reid, who was as cluelessly exposed as his cousin Tara....
Read the whole thing here. It's hilarious, but as with all good humor it makes a serious point.

This is the most disgusting campaign ever -- but there is a purpose behind the filth. Political pros, especially on the Democrat side, are determined to drive as many independent and moderate voters away from the polls as possible.

They want a contest dominated by political activists like themselves because they figure that their base is more energized and unified than the Republicans (who are rapidly descending into civil war and are threatening to sit out the election in droves).

The only way to thwart this despicable strategy is for moderates to turn out and vote, and to vote against the mud-slingers. But that is probably too much to ask.

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