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Friday, October 27, 2006

Maryland Politics -- Steele Scores Big in Ad Competition

Ben Cardin really blew it this time. He released one of those despicable Michael Fox commercials implying that Republicans want sick people to suffer because they have moral qualms about using government funds to kill embryos for medical research and Steele struck back. He released an ad featuring Dr. Monica Turner who points out that Steele supports stem cell research and testifies on the basis of personal knowledge that he is profoundly sympathetic to people suffering from neurological diseases. She, you see, is his sister and she suffers from MS.

This is just devastating. Cardin looks like a fool, and he deserves to.

Check out the video here.

And, let it be noted, Dr. Turner is also the former Mrs. Mike Tyson.


Steele Scores Again!

Ben Cardin ran one of those "ordinary people endorsing the candidate" ads. Steele tracked down the identies of the people interviewed in the ad, and they turn out to be not so ordinary. Check out Steele's counter-ad here.

Damn, this guy is good!!!!! Several months ago, when Steele fired the consultants sent to him by the RNC and hired a bunch of local Maryland talent, people said it was a sign of unprofessionalism and disarray in his campaign. On the contrary, he knew exactly what he was up to, and the contrast between Steele's local team, which is churning out brilliant product, and the incompetence of the RNC operatives is more than embarrassing; it's a scandal.

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