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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Really Important News You Won't Hear on TV

Dick Morris notes,

President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have succeeded beyond expectations in lining up China as a strong ally in forcing North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions. The New York Times reports that the Chinese are even threatening to ratchet back on their oil shipments to North Korea, which is totally dependent on Beijing for fuel.

But Bush is getting no credit for it and neither are the Republicans. All of the focus has been on the role that Rice and UN Ambassador John Bolton are playing in forcing North Korea back from membership of the nuclear club.

Read it here.


Despite 36 straight months of expansion, an unemployment rate of 4.6%, and inflation at an annual projected rate of 2.4%, the media still can't bring themselves to report on a Republican economy honestly. Business & Media Institute found that TV networks gave twice as much airtime to negative stories as positive ones (62% - 31%). Bad news was twice as likely to get full-length treatment as well. The people interviewed by the network were three times more likely to relate negative anecdotes. To no one's surprise, CBS took the lead in negative coverage, committing 80% of its economic coverage to bad news in the middle of a huge economic expansion.

No industry can be that incompetent by accident. There has been a deliberate attempt to deceive people through anecdotal coverage in a period where all of the economic indicators have shown remarkable and broad growth. IBD warns its readers that the TV networks, at the least, have conducted a propaganda operation….

Read it here.

The behavior of the MSM, especially the NYT, Time, Newsweek, and the big three broadcast networks, has been nothing less than disgraceful in this election season. Things have never been better, either at home or abroad, than they are now; the Bush administration has a record of diplomatic and economic successes as great as that of any President in history, yet the public perception is overwhelmingly negative. And the MSM bears the burden of blame for that disconnect.


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