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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don Surber reacts to Bob Woodward's latest book:
Another election, another book blasting Bush from Simon & Schsuter promoted on "60 Minutes." What else is new? CBS and S&S used to be part of Viacom until CBS was spun off.

This time, Viacom brings its mole in. After kissing up to the administration through two books, Watergate exposer Bob Woodward tries to bite Bush in the butt.

His revelations are tiny. People in the administration wanted to fire Rumsfeld!

There are bureaucratic feuds within the administration!

And our troops are under attack in Iraq!

Wowsers. It is almost as if we are at war or something.
Surber also notes that in every election cycle it is the Democrats who are charging that the Republicans are about to unfairly orchestrate some "October Surprise", but that is is always the Democrats, not the Republicans, who do so.

Read the whole thing here.

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