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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Don Surber's Pre-Mortem -- The Dems are Doomed

Don Surber has a terrific response to Glenn Reynolds' post in which he declared that the Republicans were doomed and that they deserved it.

“For most Americans, particularly the marginal voters who are going to determine the outcome of the election, it started a couple weeks ago. Between now and the election, [the Republicans] will spend $100 million in target House and Senate races in the next 21 days.”
Meanwhile, the
Democrats are broke.
What is more:
Netroots is a bust. MyDD, DailyKos and Swing State Project raised a total of $400K for Ned Lamont. $400K? That’s it?
Even the deep pockets are deserting the Democrats. Soros is unavailable for comment.

And there's this:
[R]abid homophobism [is] racing through the Democratic blogs as they try to out Republicans and flog this Foley thing into some sort of Watergate. There is a desperation that infuriates the easily excitable, but amuses those of us who have seen a Democratic Party breakdown before.
Read the whole thing here.

Surber's a smart guy and in the past his political analysis has been spot on. I sure hope he got this one right -- the Dems are downright scary.

Is "homophobism" a word?

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