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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pennsylvania Politics -- One Thing At A Time

Hugh Hewitt is so far ahead of the curve it is unbelievable. He is already pushing Rick Santorum for President. Really!

He writes:
If he should lose in November, the strength of the campaign he has run in this annus horriblus should guarantee him a future in the party. I’m firmly a Romney guy and I’ve always been to Santorum’s left on some social issues, but if he winds up having a lot of time on his hands come next January, he might consider making some leisure trips to Iowa. Santorum has shown himself to be full of the qualities that many other high-level members of our party lack – guts, determination, commitment, and passion.
Check it out here.

I too admire Rick's integrity and courage, but running a losing Senate re-election campaign is not usually seen as the path to the presidency.

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