Day By Day

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Harbor Views

Early morning views of the Inner Harbor. At breakfast yesterday a friend of mine remarked how much he and his wife enjoyed walking each evening along the new promenade on the south side of the harbor. I stored the infobit away thinking that I might check it out.

"She Who Must Not Be Named" is out of town on business, and when she called last night I mentioned what my friend had said. "Oh yes!" She replied. "I've walked there with my friends many times. There's a nice coffee shop at the far end." "Hmmmmm," I thought.

So early this morning I grabbed a camera and some reading material and set out to explore the new south side of the harbor. Here is some of what I saw.

With nothing stirring in the harbor the surface was smooth and I could get some nice reflection shots.

Then the ducks came. Ducks!!! Why is it always ducks?