Day By Day

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Hits a Homer

Watching Sarah speak the thought kept running through my mind: "I'm looking at, not just the first woman Vice President, but the first woman President of the United States." This is an immense talent on display tonight. When you consider just how brutally she's been assaulted by the bullies of the press and saw how she responded, not being intimidated, not being flustered, not being vindictive, but unleashing her sweet smiling inner barracuda, you gotta admit SHE ROCKED!

One of the most frequently repeated canards of recent decades has been the assertion that conservative men do not tolerate strong women. George Will demolished that point years ago when he pointed out that conservative men worshiped at the feet of Maggie Thatcher, the "Iron Lady" of British politics. Tonight we saw the lie refuted once again. Conservative men all across the country fell in love with a lipstick wearing pit bull.


What is even more impressive -- about half way through the speech her teleprompter broke down, and she didn't even miss a beat. She just kept on going. Wow!