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Saturday, September 06, 2008


We all now know what kinds of rhetoric Barak Obama and his family heard while sitting in his pew at Trinity United Church of Christ. But what does Sarah Palin and her family hear at her church?

Sarah was baptised Catholic but as a teenager joined the Assembly of God (Pentacostal) Church [popularly called "Holy Rollers"], but left the congregation in 2002 and joined the Wasilla Bible Church which she now attends. WBC is a conservative evangelical church and quite respectable.

Newsweek reports:

Except for the national spotlight, Wasilla Bible Church resembles thousands of conservative evangelical churches across the country. Its statement of faith says its members believe that the Bible is the "inspired, inerrant word of God." It offers a half a dozen ministries devoted to children and families, including a chapter of MOPS, a popular nationwide support group for Christian mothers of preschoolers. The sermons of its ministers steer clear of politics and hot-button social issues and dwell instead on scripture. Its membership is largely conservative.
Read it here.

To listen to what Sarah hears in that church go here where you can listen to its weekly sermons.