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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama and his Droogs

I used to read a lot of Science Fiction, and I'm a sucker for old movies, so Iowahawk's [David Burge] latest piece tickled my fancy. If you have ever seen Stanley Kubrick's version of Anthony Burgess' dystopian novel, A Clockwork Orange, you will immediately recognize the references.

Playing off Obama's recent admonition for his followers to "get in the faces" of voters, Bruge writes:

"Me fine droogies, what we are after now is the old surprise visit," explained Obama. "A real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultracampaigning. Stomp some hope and change into their filthy little rassoodocks for a nice, warm vibraty feeling all through your guttiwuts."

"But enough of words, actions speak louder than," said Obama, pulling a bowler-clad campaign volunteer to the stage by his suspenders for a demonstration. "Action now. Observe all."

After swinging a hobnailed boot into the aide's yarbles, the stadium crowd erupted in cheers.

"I'm siii-inging in the rain, just siii-inging in the rain," noted Obama, cheerfully dancing around the hunched-over aide. "Welly welly well what have we here? A naughty neighborman what has him a McCain yard sign?"

"Looks like a job for me old woodly comrades Hope and Change," he added, gleefully drubbing the man with his trademark twin baseball bats to the crowd's rhythmic chants of "Yes We Can, Yes We Can."

"We are the Droogs we've been waiting for," he concluded as the P.A. system struck up Beethoven's 9th Symphony, the new official campaign song. "Lets get 'em boys!"

Read it here.

Iowahawk is by far the most sophisticated humor site on the web. While you are there, check out his other recent posts.