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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Vetting Sarah

I watched Charlie Rose tonight -- it was the same smug self-congratulatory crap as usual.

This night, though, the subject was Sarah. He had assembled the usual crowd of inside-the-beltway navel gazers and they all agreed that Senator McCain had taken a terrible risk in choosing a nobody from the provinces who had not been sucking up to them for years. Sarah, they said, was obviously a blind choice, made out of desperation, who had not been vetted [in other words, they didn't know all about her, so obviously McCain couldn't].

The WaPo, however, runs a story today by Dan Balz and Robert Barnes [here] in which they snow that Sarah and all the leading candidates were subjected to an extensive vetting process and that McCain's preference for her coalesced over time and was not a last-minute decision.


Another detailed report on the vetting process [here].


Beldar's back and blogging up a storm [here]. He's going Sarah 24/7.

A Beldar comment on Ann Althouse regarding the bizarre and disgusting tone of criticism directed toward Sarah in recent days:

People don't hate with this much rage and intensity unless they're threatened in some very distressing way. The notion of a conservative, attractive, competent, rifle-shooting, corruption-fighting hockey mom/governor is making a lot of people feel very, very threatened.
He's right. Democrats, and particularly the left loons are desperate. Also check out his review of Sarah's biography here.