Day By Day

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Steeler Nation

This weekend "She Who Must Not Be Named" and I attended the Ravens home opener at M & T Stadium. It was a good game. The Ravens defense dominated, the rookie quarterback performed better than expected, there were a few really thrilling plays, and the score remained close enough so that the game was in doubt well into the final quarter. The crowd was stoked! Fun times, made even better by the knowledge that elsewhere both the Steelers and Eagles were smashing their opponents.

"She" has become a die hard Ravens fan, and I can't really blame her. She had never paid much attention to football before coming to Baltimore and here she is surrounded by fanatical black bird brains. I, however, remain loyal to the heroes of my youth -- the Pittsburgh Steelers. It appears that I am not the only one.

This morning I took a walk along the waterfront south of Baltimore's Inner Harbor and here, just a few blocks from the Ravens Stadium, deep in the heart of enemy territory, I ran across this.

The guy's got guts.

It's not exactly a "terrible towel" but it's close enough to be a sight for sore eyes -- a little bit of the Steeler nation south of the Mason Dixon line. And it was a relief -- I was getting more than a little tired of all the purple on display here over the past few days.