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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Democrats' Climate of Hate

From the Rocky Mountain News:
A man who left bomb threats and homemade bombs around Aspen on New Year's Eve shot and killed himself in his car a few hours after his threats cleared much of the resort town, Aspen Police said.
Read it here.

And why did this loon try to drench Aspen in blood? Because he was mad at Bush, Cheney and Rove.

Over the past eight years Democrats and loony lefties have created in America a climate of fear and hatred directed against President Bush and his associates. Now we can see the result of their malignancy. Unbalanced individuals feel that they not only can, but should, take violent action against those targeted by the Democrat Hate Machine.

We are entering a dark and dangerous period in our national history and in these troubled times the Democrats have much to answer for.