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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Good President (continued) -- Accomplishments

Fred Barnes has a nice column in the Standard in which he lists some of President Bush's "ten great achievements".

1 He refused to buy into the global warming hysteria.

2 He allowed "enhanced interrogation" of terrorists.

3 He restored Presidential authority.

4 He was constant in his support for Israel.

5 No Child Left Behind.

6 Promoting democracy around the world.

7 The Medicare prescription drug program.

8 Superb Supreme Court appointments.

9 Building ties to Asian powers without alienating China.

10 Winning the war in Iraq.
Read the article here.

There's much more that could be listed. Expanding NATO protection to Eastern Europe; medical assistance to Africa; building up the petroleum reserve; creating extensive conservation zones; etc. Few presidents come close to matching his accomplishments. In a just world George W. Bush would be ranked among the great ones.