Day By Day

Friday, January 30, 2009

Gangs Of the Potomac -- Humiliating Hillary

The fundamental viciousness of the Rahm-Bam mob is becoming ever more apparent. One by one the White House gang is eliminating and neutralizing any source of effective opposition. In recent days we have seen the destruction of Blago for dissing "the One", the opening volleys in a war on Rush, the humiliation of the Kennedys, and the continued marginalization of the Clintons. Yesterday Obama upped the pressure on Hillary by naming Samanta Power to a senior foreign policy position in his administration [here]. Power, you will remember mad news during the campaign for calling Hillary, now Secretary of State, a "monster". That should make for some dicey foreign policy confabs.

The whole thing is beginning to look like something out of the Godfather, or perhaps the Sopranos, and for the first time I am getting interested in the beltway hijinks. The Young Messiah may have made a mistake in hiring Rahm as his consigliere. The list of enemies is getting long and the Kennedys and Clintons in particular are known for their vengeful ways. Teddy is probably too sick to play the game effectively, but Bill is biding his time, waiting for the opportunity to strike, and sooner or later it will come and the revenge will be delicious.

I can hardly wait.