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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lies of the Left -- Shredding the Constitution

About those charges, frequently expressed loudly and vehemently, that President Bush was "shredding the Constitution" with his Terrorist Surveillance Program..., well, never mind! Not only will Obama continue the program, but the federal courts have affirmed its constitutionality.

It understates the case to say the Bush administration has been slandered for asserting this power — accused of shredding the Constitution and violating the principle that no one is above the law (even as Congress put itself above the law — the Constitution — by enacting and trying to enforce a statute, FISA, that sought to diminish the president's constitutional authority). It was never true.
[emphases mine]

Read about it here.

The surveillance court decision was made all the way back in August, but was kept secret until today. Why?