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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Big Lie -- Bumped

Innocent Bystanders has been tracking the discrepancy between the projections of unemployment statistics issued by the Obama team to justify the stimulus package and the actual unemployment levels. The discrepancy is dramatic, so great as to suggest that either the Obama economic is incompetent and operating on false assumptions or that they are blatant liars, simply making up economic figures to justify their politically-based policies.

Read the accompanying article here. What is striking is that not only are the projections out of line with reality but the press coverage of the economy is dramatically at odds with the actual figures. The American people are being lied to, repeatedly and systematically, and that is a dangerous thing.


On FOX News Sunday Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsbee admitted that the official projections were wildly inaccurate and that double-digit employment is a real possibility. He, however, tried to blame Bush and made the absurd claim that bad economic news was really a good indicator. Andy McCarthy, over at the Corner, nails Goolsbee for his pervarications here. The big lie continues unabated.

McCarthy asks, "Just How Stupid Do They Think We Are?" Based on the public statements issuing from this administration the answer is clear -- really, really stupid.


Instapundit writes that this level of duplicity issuing from the White House reminds him of McNamara's pronouncements on Vietnam. It's an apt comparison. In both cases technocrats, the "best and the brightest" in their own minds, decided that it was better to feed the public blatant lies rather than to admit failure.


Keith Hennessey presents a devastating and extensively documented critique of Goolsbee's ludicrous attempt to blame Bush for the auto industry troubles. Read it here.