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Sunday, June 28, 2009

WaPo on Meddling

The WaPo responds to the foreign policy "realists" in the Obama administration that argue against "meddling" in Iran:

[B]y now it ought to be clear that the best chance to protect what Mr. Obama calls "core U.S. security interests" lies in a victory for the Iranian opposition. That may look unlikely for now. But it is considerably more probable than a turn toward detente by those now engaged in murdering young women. There may not be much that can be done to help the opposition, though some tangible steps -- more money for broadcasting into the country, for example -- are readily available. But at the least, nothing should be done that would harm the cause of change. That is not just the moral course; it is the most pragmatic and realistic.

Read it here.

Of course, just doing nothing impedes the cause of change.