Day By Day

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Wren

She Who Must Not Be Named is delighted. A few days ago at a curio shop she bought a little bird house and when we got home she hung it from a tree branch right beside our front porch. Within a few hours a house wren had moved in and was busily building a nest. The nest must be done because now he is sitting outside loudly proclaiming to any female wren in the area that he is open for business. Boy, for a little bird he sure can get the volume up. I'd like to take a clear picture of him to post, but that would involve taking down a screen and letting bugs into our sunporch. For some reason "She" is not favorable to the idea.


Now "She" is not pleased. The flycatcher that nests on the other side of our house has decided that the wren is too close to his/her nest [about 100 ft]. Every time the wren starts to warble the flycatcher divebombs him. The little guy is persistent, though.


Damn persistent! After about an hour the flycatcher gave up and flew back to his side of the house. The little guy is still there singing away.


Finally got a picture. It's not as sharp as I would like -- I took it through a screen. He's in the process of taking flight to ward off the stupid flycatcher yet one more time.