Day By Day

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

China Diary -- Part 22 Entering the Gorges

Back on the boat we headed for the real treat -- the Three Gorges region, one of the most dramatically beautiful places on earth. Old China hands say that it isn't as impressive as it was before the construction of the Three Gorges Dams, which raised the water level significantly, but it sill is one of the world's great marvels. Here's a bit of what we saw as we cruised through the Qutang Gorge. As always, click on a picture to enlarge it -- particularly the third one. You may note the low-hanging clouds. There was a constant cold drizzle as we passed through the gorges. That by no means dampened the enthusiasm we all felt. Everyone had their cameras out because everywhere you looked you saw something spectacular to record.

As they used to say, "you ain't seen nuthin yet, folks". The further we penetrated into the gorges the more beautiful and dramatic the surroundings. I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned.