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Monday, July 11, 2011

Return to China -- Part 28, Riding the High Road

Leaving Lijiang the next morning we headed north and west for several hours through ever higher country.

I believe that's the Yangtze River far below. We are getting closer to its source.

A roadside marker indicating that we were approaching the famous "Leaping Tiger Gorge". More on that later.

But first, we had to stop for lunch. This amazing bloom was growing in the parking lot where we debussed. A friend tells me it's an epiphyte -- I wouldn't know, but it sure was stiking.

The view from the parking lot. Yep, we're getting up there.

Our local guide. She said to call her "Nancy" because we would have trouble pronouncing her Tibetan name. What I remember most about her is that she had a wonderful voice at which we all marveled when she sang some folk songs for us.

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