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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Return to China -- Part 36, Yangshuo and the Dragon River

Upon our arrival in Yangshuo we were immediately presented with another shopping opportunity, the city's famous "West Street" which presented a wide variety of goods for sale, from the products of local craftsmen and farmers to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

One of the nicest things about Yangshuo is its setting, surrounded by the exotic karst peaks which attract rock climbers from all over the world. 

A young woman balances precariously on the back of her boyfriend's bike. As she passed us she removed her jacket and got out her makeup kit. Apparently you can do anything on the back of a motorcycle, if your balance is good enough that is.

Then we hired a group of minibuses to take us out into the countryside and along the Yu Long [Dragon] River.

Yeah, we are out in the country. This bull was not happy to see us. We were interrupting his advances toward one of the cows in the herd. 

We stopped at a farmer's home to experience a taste of local culture. Here we see the family's history represented on a wall of the home. One of the China experts in our group told me that some of the pictures on exhibit were not exactly politically correct.

Cyclists were a common sight on the roads. Many of them were Europeans. The area because of its beauty and outdoor activities attracts a lot of Western visitors.  

Water buffalo.

A recipe for success -- learn English.

Bamboo rafts. You can purchase a ride on them along the Dragon River.

Rafters on the river.

These guys seem to be enjoying themselves.


This woman was amazing. She is following a rope stretched across the paddy and with every step she would toss a rice shoot, like a dart, with unerring accuracy into the mud. The alignment and spacing of the shoots was, to my eye, perfect. 

The end of the journey for the rafters. We paused for a while to take pictures, then it was off to our next destination.

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