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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Return to China -- Part 34, Daguan Park

We spent much of the next day in travel, flying from Shangri-la to Kumming in the morning, then taking a second flight on to Guilin in the afternoon. We did have several hours of layover time in Kunming and spent some of them enjoying the glories of Daguan Park, a welcome relief from airport lounges.

Beads for sale. 

Parasols to block the hot sunshine, also for sale.

Public parks all over china are filled with retired people engaging in organized group activities or, often, just gambling. 

There are several famous pavilions scattered around China. Here is a model of one of them.

The bubble girl. She was having a great time making bubbles but her boyfriend, sitting nearby, was just bored. 

The real thing, the Red Daguan Pavilion.

This was a lovely and pleasant place to spend a few midday hours.

Senior citizens formed an amateur band and chorus to sing patriotic songs. It might have been nice to listen to, but the band featured what had to be the worst trombonist in the province. He was loud, off key, and couldn't keep the tempo. 

Still there were people who enjoyed the concert.

We wound up in what was billed as a "bonsai" garden. The plants, however, were normal sized. Still it was nice to sit and talk with friends in such a beautiful setting.

Then it was back to the airport to board our plane for our next destination -- Guilin.

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