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Friday, July 22, 2011

Return to China -- Part 35, The Li River

Once in Guilin we settled into our hotel and rested for the next day's expedition -- a day-long cruise along the gorgeous Li river from Guilin to Yangshuo. It is one of the world's most beautiful settings.

Early in the morning we drove to the river through an exotic landscape reminiscent of the fantasy lands you see in films and paintings. 

Setting out on the Li River.

Taking produce to market. Looking at the murky waters I'm not sure I'd want to eat that.

Tending the boat and the baby. Again, I'm not so sure using that water is a good idea.

Setting out for the market.

River boats.

The limestone karst landscape produces some striking effects, like this sheer, multi-hued rockface along the river.

Kitchen crew preparing a meal on one of the tour boats. I was so entranced by the landscape that I stayed on top of our boat through nearly the whole trip and so missed the meal. Other members of the group told me that it wasn't very good and I didn't miss anything.

Bamboo forest lined both sides of the river.

And there were a number of small waterfalls along the way.

Local fishermen use trained comorants to ply their trade. Here are several of them lined up waiting to be taken onto the river. 

Heading into wonderland.


River people.

The features on the side of this cliff are supposed to be reminiscent of a herd of horses. I can sorta see them, but the whole idea of identifying patterns in the cliff faces, which the guides continually encouraged us to do, wasn't particularly interesting to me.

For many people, especially those in the small boats, this is the end of the trip but we continued on all the way to Yangshuo.

Water buffalo.

A fisherman's boat.

And his comorants waiting for a chance to do their thing.

Having traveled the length of the river, we disembarked, signed into a hotel, and rested for the return trip by land the next day.

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