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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Return to China -- Part 33, The Bitahai Natural Reserve

We set off through the high country for a tour through the Pudacuo National Park.

We finally arrived at our first destination, Shudu Lake, a gorgeous setting famed for its local foliage, especially lush azaleas and rhododendrons and several species of rare orchids.

Then we took a drive through the Duhu Scenic Area which featured broad meadows, the Militang Grassland, where local cowboys [yakboys?] tended herds of yaks.

At a rest stop I saw this woman chattering away on her cellphone while cleaning her mop in a mountain stream -- a nice blend of traditional and modern technologies and a fitting image of modernizing China.

Then we climbed higher and higher

until we were looking down on Lake Bitahai, about two and a half miles in elevation. We could have taken boat rides around the lake, which is quite beautiful, but nobody in the group elected to do so. 

The view from the high point of our journey, above 14,000 feet. 

As we were leaving we stopped at the entrance to the park where we left the bus

for yet another shopping opportunity.

Then a final stop at another Buddhist temple, and then a long drive back to our hotel.

After dark some of the party headed downtown to watch performances of traditional Tibetan dances, but "She" and I contented ourselves with remaining in our room and watching the light show playing on the sides of surrounding mountains.

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