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Friday, July 29, 2011

Return to China -- Part 38, Big Banyan -- Bigger Bamboo

Our first destination the next morning was a lovely park on the bank of the Jinbao river about five miles out from Yangshuo. The featured attraction there was the Big Banyan tree, rumored to be 1,400 years old. It's quite impressive, but I was more taken by the beauty of the surroundings.

Lovely young girls modeling traditional Naxi dress.

Bamboo stands along the river. That's some big bamboo.

You could hire a raft to ride along the placid waterways.

The big banyan itself. It has been featured in romantic stories and legends and in a major motion picture, "Sanjie Liu".  

A performing monkey who seemed to have an unusual attraction to one of the female members of our group.

Saying goodbye to the lovely Jinbao river.

The "moon hill" a popular destination for rock climbers. The entire region around Yangshuo and Guilin is world famous for its climbing and hiking opportunities.

A final shot of the Li river as we departed.

As our bus passed through a local village I shot this rooftop for its interesting textures, and only later noticed the child's toy that was lost there.

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