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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Abba Dabba Doo

MSNBC reports:

Humans caught pubic lice, aka "the crabs," from gorillas roughly three million years ago, scientists now report.

Rather than close encounters of the intimate kind, researchers explained humans most likely got the lice, which most commonly live in pubic hair, from sleeping in gorilla nests or eating the apes.

Read it here.

Sleeping in gorilla nests!!!

I ain't necessarily buyin' that! Neither is Carl Zimmer who asks:
Is this evidence of a Pliocene love that dare not speak its name?
Read it here.

As Zimmer notes, this evidence suggests that humans and gorillas were, at the least, living in close proximity to one another..., and who knows?

Could happen! Stranger things have.

For instance....

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