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Monday, March 26, 2007

Recommended Reading: Spinning Clio

One of the best history blogs out there is Marc Comtois' "Spinning Clio."

In recent posts Marc has exposed the deep hypocrisy that characterizes the public stances of the American Historical Association. The organization, invoking a highly questionable interpretations of international law, has denounced the Bush administration for alleged violations while at the same time ignoring the innumerable blatant abuses of law perpetrated by Islamist terrorists. He has also noted the selective interest of mainstream historians who tend to ignore solid historical work that runs counter to liberal interests. One such work is Jennifer Weber's critical study of the "peace Democrats" during the Civil War, titled Copperheads: The Rise and Fall of Lincoln's Opponents In the North. And he notes the AHA's failure to condemn stonewalling on the Clinton presidential records, some of which might shed unfavorable light on Mrs. Clinton's role during her husband's presidency.

But the hypocrisy of leading lights in the historical profession is an old subject, one that is always with us and so blatant as to make an easy target. The whole discussion tires me, and if Marc were to focus only on that point, I wouldn't pay any attention to his work. But there is more, much more in his writings. He brings a sharp, conservative, critical perspective to his immensely wide-ranging excursions through history and what people are saying and writing about it. He's well worth reading.

Check him out here.

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