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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It Bleeds, It Leads

Following the adage that "if it bleeds it leads" Michael Crowley at The New Republic links to the "best local news story ever."

From the ABC Phoenix outlet:

The man who was tied up, stabbed several times during sex, and watched as the woman he was with drank his blood is speaking only to ABC15.

Robert McDaniel, 43, spoke exclusively to us hours after having more than 150 stitches removed from across his body. McDaniel says he met 24-year-old Tiffany Sutton about a month ago and the two got together on Valentine's Day. While undressing, she asked if he was interested in "kinky" sex and being tied up.

McDaniel says he agreed and moments later, Sutton pulled out three knives with skulls on them and began slashing him. She also had a stethoscope and a Bible with her.

"You wouldn't expect this type of thing is going to happen during sex, but that's exactly what happened, she tied me up and just began the assault," McDaniel said.

McDaniel paints a horrific picture of bleeding from his back, arms, stomach and thigh while being chased by Sutton, who was armed with a pickaxe.

Minutes later, McDaniel says he passed out.

There is more! Read the whole thing here. [Go ahead, you know you want to]

For more details and pictures go here.

More here [when police came she tried to pretend that she was the victim].

And here. [apparently she has had prior run-ins with the law]

Ain't Google amazin'?

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