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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Common Sense from Michael Crichton on Fear Mongering

Scott Burgess has a nice interview with Michael Crichton over at the Daily Ablution. My favorite quote:

[F]ears are a matter of fashion. Worries are like clothing styles, they come and go, rise and fall, based on what the worry fashion leaders tell the herd of independent minds to fear this year.
Read the whole thing here.

And in a related item, the despicable fear mongers are projecting their nonsensical crap into the minds of school children.

Every generation has its fears. Before the polio vaccine, parents kept their children indoors on hot summer days — no swimming pools, no picnics. Then came the Cold War and its fears of sudden annihilation. For several years after the 9/11 attacks, terrorism dominated the worry agenda.

But today, concern about climate change appears to be replacing atomic Armageddon or anthrax epidemics. For some families, compost piles have supplanted bomb shelters and duct tape as household essentials.

The news has really been unremittingly bad,'' says Madeline Levine, an adolescent psychologist in Marin County, Calif., and author of a book on the angst of today's middle-class kids. Increasingly, Levine says, she sees young patients beset by their fears for the planet. "They're worried,'' Levine says, "and they're angry. They feel that older generations screwed up the Earth and now it's up to them to fix — but they don't have the skills or ability to do it.''

Levine estimates that one in three children struggles with anxiety, and that many have fixated on global warming.

That's right! These creeps have not only worked a significant portion of the population into hysterical rage, they have insinuated themselves into out schools and are scaring the crap out of our children.


Read it here.

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