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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Charming Old World Custom -- Poo Day

It's that time of year again -- St. George's Day is coming soon and the Scots are preparing to celebrate it in their inimitable way.

Sky News reports:

A Scottish company has been slammed for inviting customers to "send a poo" to an Englishman on St George's Day.

Edinburgh-based firm is selling plastic "realistic poo" to send to "your favourite (or least favourite) Englishman" to mark April 23.

Customers are given the choice between human or dog-style excrement, wrapped in tissue paper along with a personal message set beside the English flag.

But some people cannot take a joke. An Anglophile politician weighs in:

"It appears to me to be threatening, possibly racist and without question bigoted. It's certainly offensive and possibly an offence."

Racist? Racist!!! More proof that the term has lost all connection with reality.

Read about it here.

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