Day By Day

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Amsterdam is Burning -- Nobody Seems to Notice

Riots by Islamic youths continue into their second week in Amsterdam. Klein Verzet is reporting here. Gateway Pundit has more here. Pajamas Media has a roundup by Michael van der Gailen here.

This whole thing was initiated by a jihadi suicide attack at a police station. What stands out in the accounts is that the police were initially paralyzed by PC considerations and did not respond firmly to the first provocations. Maybe that was a wise choice. The rioters are clearly trying to instigate a series of violent confrontations that will rouse Amsterdam's large Muslim population to mass protest. Dutch government sources have strenuously downplayed the importance of the riots and burnings. Maybe that's why the American MSM has ignored what is happening. Or maybe it's just that these don't help Hillary.