Day By Day

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Here's the headline:

French Intellectuals Accuse Dutch of “Unacceptable Cowardice”


Actually, there's a serious point being made here. The Dutch government has behaved very badly in their treatment of anti-Islamist heroine Ayaan Hirsi Ali and it is interesting that French intellectuals have pointed it out.

Their statement includes this revealing passage:

“[T]he Netherlands closes its eyes for a world in which terrorism, intolerance and totalitarianism don’t care about borders.” “Ayaan Hirsi Ali symbolizes the choice facing us: to stay true to ourselves and to the traditions that define us, or to adapt cowardly."
Read the whole thing here.

You don't get much more anti-multiculti than that. This is not just French chauvinism [hey, they invented the word] asserting itself, increasingly European intellectuals are awakening to the fact that Bush was right about the GWOT and the threat of radical islamism. Too bad the Democrats haven't caught on yet.