Day By Day

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lies of the Left -- Another Phony Whistleblower

The Democrats seem to have no trouble finding people who are willing to dish the dirt on Republican sins. The trouble is that a disturbing number of these are phonies. The political calculation behind it is obvious. These people come out, get headlines and lucrative book and speaking fees telling stories about how terrible the generals, the Bush administration, corporate leaders, etc. are. Then months later they are exposed as being liars. But by that time the damage has been done and nobody cares anymore.

The latest phony to get rich lying is Lynn Brewer who wrote Confessions of an Enron Executive. She's been piling up big loot in speaking fees ever since trotting the globe talking about the evils of corporate capitalism. She has even been hailed as a heroine of free speech by the Nobel Peace Prize Selection Committee -- the ones who just awarded Al Gore the prize for his pack of lies. The trouble is that she never was an "Enron executive." Rather she was a "back-office investigator" who has padded her resume.

She's a politically useful con artist funded by left-wing Bush haters and anti-capitalist ideologues.

Read about her here.