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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Limits of Scientific Enquiry

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- those computer models that the Goreites rely on to predict looming disaster are crap. Jim Giles, writing in New Scientist, concurs.
Climate change models, no matter how powerful, can never give a precise prediction of how greenhouse gases will warm the Earth....
Read the whole thing here.

Or you can read Gerald Roe and Marcia Baker's critical review of the climate models in Science here [subscription required].

Or you can read James Lewis synopsis of the Science article here.
After hundreds of millions of dollars spent on climate modeling, and decades of screaming headlines, we have no more certainty today about Global Warming prediction than we did decades ago. What's more, that is a provable inherent limitation of the data and models.
That is a scientific scandal by any measure.


[A]n entire Global Warming fraud industry has grown up, based on years of pseudo-scientific false alarms, and feeding scare headlines without end around the world. But the science is finally clear: Any reasonable evidence is not only missing, but can in principle not be obtained in a system as complex as the earth climate.