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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rush Wins

It doesn't matter what you think of Rush Limbaugh (personally, I don't listen to him much but find him entertaining when I do) but you gotta admire the way he embarrassed the Democrat leadership when they tried to use the power of Congress to shut him down. Harry Reid and his gang of political thugs learned a valuable lesson. When somebody has spent forty years in the public relations game, don't mess with him.

Really, the behavior of the Democrat leadership has moved beyond despicable -- they are becoming dangerous.


Don Surber points out that the MSM's reporting of this whole thing has been more than a little duplicitous and, dare I say, despicable.

Why do people absolutely detest the media? Is it the laziness? Is it the incompetence? Is it the bias?

This report from the ABC News blog shows all 3 elements. The headline: ”Bidding Over $2M for Dems Anti-Rush Letter”

It is not until Paragraph 7 that ABC bothers to mention that Rush put the letter on eBay.

As Matt Drudge correctly pointed ABC was crediting the perpetrators instead of the victim, Rush. That letter was not written to raise money — it was written to get a man fired for broadcasting opinions that 41 Democratic Senators wanted censured. He dares to support a war that a Democratic Senate authorized in 2002.

No one in the liberal media defended Rush. The same liberal editorialists who cry free speech when someone tries to keep kids from seeing bestiality online at the local library — the same liberal editorialists who defend public financing of “Piss Christ” — abandoned a very real attack on the First Amendment by these 41 senators, who include Jay Rockefeller and Robert C. Byrd.

Now ABC credits these anti-constitutional senators with the $4.2 million Rush raised — half of it from his own pocket.

Not one of those 41 senators — all of whom enjoy salaries that place them in the top 3% of the country — has matched that gift with 21 cents, let alone the $2.1 million Rush will give.

Read it here.