Day By Day

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Anchoress notes a story that hasn't been told in the MSM. The Bush twins attracted plenty of attention when they were acting like irresponsible college students, but what has happened since then?
Jenna Bush is now a mild-mannered non-meat-eating teacher in the Washington DC public schools. That means she’s working in less-than-prime conditions with kids who are at tremendous disadvantage (the unrepresented people of DC have no one pandering to them, so they get short shrift). Her sister Barbara spent 9 months working at an African AIDS hospital, and lives discreetly. Jenna has written a book about a mother with AIDS, and now she is visiting UNICEF projects, and apparently she flying commercial when she does it.

This is good, admirable stuff, but the reportage is almost nil.

Read it here.

I have been enormously impressed by the Bush family's decision to have Jenna's wedding in Texas, rather than in the White House. The Bush's are classy people, something I cannot say for their critics.