Day By Day

Friday, January 25, 2008


Last night's debate illustrated the essential difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Don Surber explains:

The latest debates proved my theory that Democrats are selecting a nominee; Republicans are choosing a president.

Bluntly, the Democrats wonder whether to go with the girl or the black — or the white boy.

That’s the only difference in experience among the 3 Democratic candidates. All are millionaire lawyers who spent some time in the Senate.

Republicans have the more difficult choice. Their choices:

The guy who turned around NYC when most people gave up on the city.

The guy who turned around the winter Olympics and then governed Massachusetts.

The ex-POW who has been in the Senate since the 1980s.

The guy who cleaned up the mess left when Clinton’s hand-picked successor went to jail for — Surprise! Surprise! — a Clinton-related scandal.

Tough candidates. Tough choices.

In the Boca Raton debate, they looked presidential. They were calm, cool and collected. They gave good explanations.
Read it here.

Unfortunately, for the self-appointed arbiters of the MSM and even for some of the conservative bloggers serious, adult behavior just isn't enough. They are bored with serious adults. They want schoolyard antics. I have often expressed my preference for Mitt, but any of the top three Republicans [Romney, Rudy and McCain] would be a better leader than any of the remaining Democrats. Hell, for that matter, so would Huck.