Day By Day

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

She's Baaaaaaaaaack!

Just like Jason Voorhees Hillary Clinton has risen from the dead to plague us once again. She defeated upstart Barak Obama by turning out the Democratic base -- union members, old folks, and single women [blacks weren't a factor in lily-white New Hampshire].

What made it possible? Maybe it was her teary-eyed solipsism when she declared that the political struggle was a personal quest. Maybe it was her veiled racist appeals [read about it here]. Maybe it was her last-minute revival of the abortion issue. Maybe it was just that some voters were having second thoughts about that nice-looking, articulate young man who opposed her and about whom nobody seemed to know very much. Whatever, the prospects for putting the horrid Clintons and their endless soap opera behind us are now going a glimmering.



Maybe I blogged too soon. Things seem to be closing fast. Her lead over Obama is down to 2% with 17% of the votes left to count. This could wind up as a virtual tie.


Well, I see I was wrong -- the final margin was 3%. Not much, but enough to get the job done. Barak's giddy career into national prominence will begin to fade, Hillary will be nominated, and we will have to suffer her and her horrid hubby for years to come.

Now I'm depressed.