Day By Day

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Republican Debate

It was a good night for Romney. He came across as competent, informed, and in control. I don't know if he got more air time than the other candidates, but he seemed to. He also got off the best sound bite -- about Bill Clinton being in the White House with nothing to do. That will be played over and over. His unrelenting focus on Hillary helped too. It was something all Republicans can agree on. The guy looked like, sounded like, and acted like a leader.

Rudy's best moment came when Brian Williams pointed out that the New York Times hated him His worst moments came when he repeatedly lapsed into New York trivia. I can't avoid thinking that he's toast.

McCain's worst moments came when Williams pointed out that the New York Times had endorsed him. His best moments were when he talked passionately about the war. Other than that he seemed weak and a bit confused and made some obvious mis-statements. His frequent references to bipartianship also hurt him with Republican voters. Despite the MSM's attempts to boost him into the lead, he's starting to look like a loser.

Huckabee just can't be taken seriously. He's funny and seems sincere, and he can smash the Clintons as nobody else can, but he just doesn't seem prepared to govern at the national level.

All in all -- it was a good night for Mitt and it came at just the right time, just as he and McCain are fighting over Florida's votes. The most recent polls show him closing on McCain and tonight's debate might well put him ahead.