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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Divine Barometer

Victor Davis Hanson notes a regrettable tendency on the right:

[I]n ahistorical fashion, Reagan has become a sort of divine barometer that is unfair both to Reagan the man and the candidates themselves.

So there is a sort of Orwellian group-think going on where a candidate starts in on a ranting exaggerated indictment such as-" [my opponent] has raised taxes, shown himself to be naive on foreign policy, appointed less than genuine conservative judges, and supported the biggest amnesty bill in history-and what we need to do is to go back and follow Ronald Reagan."

Contrast this with the relative silence about the remarkable, indeed historic ongoing turn-around in Iraq, and the brilliant Sherman-like role of David Petraeus, and the credit due George Bush for finding the right general and not bailing on Iraq when in many in his party were suggesting just that.
Read it here.

It is unfortunate that the imperatives of political discourse in this day and age have created a situation in which a realistic assessment of the achievements of the current administration is impossible. One thing is certain -- Dubya has been the most consequential president since FDR [yes, even more than Reagan] and the full extent of his contribution will not be appreciated for many years to come.